Map Rules

  • At least one other player must join your map before it starts (up to the maximum player limit for the map).
  • Teams are indicated by colours. There must be at least two teams.
  • Win conditions can be set by the host. These are the number of kills required and/or the time allowed.
  • If you leave the map it will end.
  • There are no fabricators in the deatchmatch maps.
  • You cannot score kill points by killing yourself or your allies.
  • Non-player enemies might spawn in some maps. They do not count towards kills.
  • You will not receive experience points for killing allies.
  • Look out for spawning weapons, ammo or other items.
  • Friendly fire cannot be switched off.
  • Arrows along the edges of the map indicate the direction of your off-screen allies.

Current Maps

Image Map Name Maximum Players Spawning Weapons Spawning Enemies
Rural 4 Yes Yes
Abandoned 6 Yes No
Arena 6 Yes No
Standoff 6/2 No Yes